BDSM Daddy's Little girl

Daddy’s Little Girl-Exploring Ageplay

One of the most popular BDSM relationships is the DaddyDom/little girl dynamic (DD/lg).  For some it can just be something they role-play with, but for others like myself it is their identity.  There are many benefits to ageplay for both the Dominant and Submissive.

BDSM Daddy's Little girl

What exactly is BDSM ageplay?

It involves treating the Sub like they are a certain age, usually younger, anywhere from toddler to teenager.  In turn the sub treats their Dom like their Daddy.  He takes on the paternal role of protector and caregiver, and administers discipline when needed.  The sub becomes his “Little” and relies on him emotionally, financially, and sexually.

Ageplay is NOT pedophilia.  Pedophillia is having sexual feelings towards children, and a sub is a consenting adult.  A DaddyDom wants to be with HIS little girl, not little girls in general.

Why is the DD/lg relationship so fulfilling?

It satisfies both individuals on many levels:

The DaddyDom

Men are naturally attracted to youth and innocence and having a Little meets that need continuously. They will also have someone rely and dote on them, and counting on them to “fix it” when things get hard.  Littles are constantly seeking the praise and attention of their Daddy and will do their best to please him.  A DD also gets the satisfaction of disciplining his Baby Girl when she misbehaves in any way he desires.  And she will come to him with her sexual needs as he knows how best to please her.

The Little

In a symbiotic way, what makes the Daddy happy fullfills the Little’s needs and vice versa.  She will be made to feel eternally youthful and beautiful, and he will spoil her and cherish her.  Subs that choose this relationship are usually relatively fragile emotionally, and having a supportive, paternal figure is very soothing.  Being told you’re a “good girl” makes a sub feel extremely content.  Knowing they make their Daddy happy gives them immense reassurance.

How to incorporate ageplay

Dress the part

The DaddyDom ultimately chooses what his little girl wears but short skirts, shorts, having hair in braids/pigtails is usual protocol.  School girl outfits are very popular, and Brazilian waxes give the look and feel of a little girl.

Talk the talk

Littles should refer to their Dom as Daddy, and always ask them for permission, just like a dependent child would.  DDs need to call their Littles by appropriate names like Baby Girl, and conversations and lectures are more enjoyable when she’s told to sit on his lap.

Embrace the role

DD/lg revolves around wanting to please and fearing disapproval so rewards and punishments are vital.  Even little pats on the head mean a lot, and spankings are a must.  Keeping the attitude of “Daddy knows best” will deepen intimacy.  Also age appropriate activities like coloring and keeping a journal can  help a sub feel more “little.”

Ageplay can become the basis for a healthy BDSM relationship, and bring even more happiness to both the Dom and his sub.  🖤

Are you a Daddy or a Little? What are your reasons for the relationship? Let us know in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl-Exploring Ageplay”

  1. Thank you for explaining that my Daddy is not really into younger girls like teenagers (or younger) because I am new to this.Throughout my life I’ve mostly been the one in charge in the relationships at work, home etc. Until I met my Daddy…I knew he was the one. Sometimes its hard remembering I’m not in charge, but I’m getting there. I’ve always needed a Daddy and I was confused thinking maybe I wouldn’t be enough and he was really into real little girls. Thanks again for the articles they’ve been very informative.

  2. I think my Daddy is into multiple little girls.
    Unless I contact him even with just a emoji he will reach out and we usually meet. He has the last two times had me meet him at his house. Other times it has been hotel or public places.
    I am still married but yet separated.
    He is usaf and a captain in his work which tells me he is busy and plus he has a daughter that lives at home.
    It all checks out.
    Why do I have to teach out.after a meet he withdraws ( makes me think we went to deep for his feelings emotions and scared of ….)
    We met in 2012 and after 6 years we still connect and even after both getting out of the swingers scene.
    So we meet ( my husband/ me.. and him). We connected right away me and him. By the end of the night he asked me about Dom/sub. Me not understanding what it totally meant said yes. We meet a few times, drifted apart yet kept in touch.
    We hooked up about 2 years ago and began meeting again. Sparingly met.. but he left me know he was Daddy, I was his good girl.. I enjoy bringing Him gifts… and how we emotionally connect.
    I am not stupid he’s always had other girls. But he never shares them or talks about them. He did tell me he was a master too. Not with me, and that he had multiple sexual interests.
    What I want is more time with him..
    but I 😊first…
    and this saddens me.
    I did tell him by due to lack of interest by him.. him and I connected was great then loss space but reconnect.
    I text him at times to just wish him a good day…
    he told me long text email.
    He shares personal with me about his children, work.. I do know when he is off or with his children he is more relaxed and will answer me.
    So my question is… should I chill out or keep up this lifestyle. Since Christmas we meet more times and he opened his house when we needed to connect . Ddgg takes place each time but we live our owns lives. I am a Dom in my personal life.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I really think you need to speak up with your Daddy. Let him know you’re tired of always being the one to have to reach out, and that you really want more time with him. Be respectful, but open and honest. If he doesn’t listen then that is probably a sign that he’s not serious about being your Daddy. Stay strong! 🖤

  3. I have just discovered the BDSM life by reading new authors that I have discovered. I live in a tiny town and need assistance finding my DD. How do I start?

    1. Thank you for visiting the site! There are lots of online and offline BDSM communities you could check out to find a DaddyDom. I list some of my favorite places in Dom Sub Training, and give my step-by-step tips to find a partner. In the meantime, you can also help prepare yourself with this article here. Take care!

  4. I hope I’m not being rude or controversial but I just wanted to ask if it would be possible to use more open pronouns? Like he/she or even they because I’m a male baby boy/sub/puppy who’s bisexual. I’ve been with both male and female partners, and I’m currently settling down with my mommy (who gave me the courage to write this email lol), and we love your blog, but oftentimes the articles, and not just your articles, refer to the dominants as men and vice versa more often than not. Again, we love your blog but we were just wondering. Thanks for reading!

    1. Hello Brendon,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.  I totally understand the pronoun issue, and let me assure you that I would never want to exclude anyone!  You’re completely right that there are a lot of different D/s relationship dynamics and combinations.  I actually addressed the pronoun issue a little here:

      I am very proud of having such a diverse, accepting audience.  This article was a little harder to keep pronoun neutral because of the specific “Daddy’s little girl” kink, but I hope to do a Caregiver/little article in the future.

      Thank you again for your input, and I wish you the best on your BDSM journey!

      1. Thank you for the polite and quick response, another reason why we will continue to read and enjoy this blog! My puppy is very happy you responded, as am I. I’m leaving this comment under his email because I’m honestly a bit tired, but I wanted to respond asap regardless.

        – Sarah

  5. I’m in a DD/lg relationship. At first before the first meet he was texting/calling me a lot. Then after the first meet up he scaled way back and I am the one that initiates everything. We have seen each other since but it’s always rushed. He says he wants something more serious with me but I don’t understand how if he can’t fulfill my social needs. Yes, I have told him what I feel and how I feel about it but nothing has changed. What can I do to encourage it more?

    1. I’m sorry to hear he’s not initiating things. This is actually a common problem, so you’re not alone. Sometimes guys don’t know what “taking the initiative” actually looks like, so you may have to give him some concrete examples and spell it out for him. Try to focus on what you want him to do, and not what you don’t want him to do. If it continues though, it may mean that he doesn’t really want to be a Daddy. It is a lot of work and some guys end up fizzling out. Keep communicating with him, and I wish you the best!

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